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(Secret) Your Life's Impact Calling - God's Success Blueprint

(Secret) Your Life's Impact Calling - God's Success Blueprint

Apostle Quinson Thomas Apostle Quinson Thomas
7 minute read

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I believe that we all have a calling named our Life’s Impact Calling. This calling is in the fabric of your being. It cries out of your DNA.

And your Uncommon Millionaire Talents are the talents of your Life’s Impact Calling.

A man's gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men. - Proverbs 18:16

In 2006, I had a decision to make.

I had to decide whether or not I would do what I knew I was designed by the God to do, or do what everyone else thought would be the best thing for me.

You see, in your life, people will always seek to lead you the “right” way, or at least the way that they think would be most advantageous to you in your life, but you ultimately still have to decide.

Your Life’s Impact calling many times will not make sense to most people.

Many will say that you’re crazy and that you should do one of the more established professions. But you have to know in yourself what you were designed to do and what calls to you from the deep springs of your heart. Just like a bird knows that it was meant to fly, and a fish, to swim, you know you’re Life’s Impact Calling.

You know what you were designed before the foundation of this world to do to benefit the world and society at large. Even though it may not make complete sense, or from your perspective be a lucrative endeavor, you know your Life’s Impact Calling.

And in 2006, I went the way of most people- I did what everyone else thought I should do, and not what I was designed to do. I went to University to study to become a doctor.

I was more than capable, but it was not me. Deep down, I knew that I was called to something more.

Deep down, I knew that I was called to teach people how to become successful.

I knew that. And you know your calling too!

Fill in the blank.

 My calling is to: _____________________ Your uncommon millionaire talents are the enabling talents of your Life’s Impact Calling to make a living.

If your Life’s Impact Calling is to help people see the beauty in life, your uncommon millionaire talents maybe in writing that helps people see the beauty in life. Just to recap, the talents of your Life’s Impact Calling are your Uncommon Millionaire Talents!

Your uncommon millionaire talents are entrepreneurial in nature because they are offshoots of your life’s Impact calling, and many times, the jobs that exist can’t contain the impact that you have the potential to give to this world!

But this calling burns in you. It’s the “undergirding reason” for most things you do in life.

It is central to you. So, when I dropped out of university to pursue my Life’s Impact Calling, I had to face a lot of hurt, shame, and the opinions of the people that ‘knew’ me.

Many times, people don’t know the true you – the you that sometimes eludes you at times because you don’t pay enough attention to yourself.

But when you find what you’re supposed to be doing in life, what burns in you, and your unique contribution to society you would have found your Life’s Impact Calling.

And the talents that support and enable your Life’s Impact Calling are your Uncommon Millionaire Talents!

I didn’t want to do this exercise early in the book, because I wanted you to see just how close you could get to your uncommon millionaire talents without someone from the outside (like me) assisting you.

But, just so you can confirm your suspicions: List 10 Desires That You Have To Empower the World or Improve The World That Are Uncommon About You.

Start each one with: “I want to....”

-------------------------- ----------------------------

-------------------------- ----------------------------

------------------------- ---------------------------

------------------------- ---------------------------

-------------------------- ----------------------------

Now, see if you can find a common thread.

Usually, if you go deep enough, you’ll find that the desires or goals that you have show a common thread, and it may even feel like you’re saying the same things with different words.

That’s because you’re in the neighborhood of your purpose- it’s who you are regardless of the words or activities that you do.

Now, see if you can make a one-line desire statement that encapsulates all that you’ve mentioned above. 

“I want to...” Go ahead:




Now, let’s turn this into a purpose statement. Replace “I want to” above with “My purpose is to...” and then just fill in the rest of your statement above: Go ahead: “My purpose is to...”

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------

There you go, you now know your purpose! You’ll find that as you grow, you’ll gain more clarification, but this is a great place to start!! Now let’s uncover your Uncommon Millionaire Talents!

So, here’s what I want you to do. Write 10 Talents of yours that make you happy because you simply love to do them. Don’t think about your standard talents only, think about those things that people may not consider to be talents like studying patterns in politics, or seeing what others don’t see. 

Let’s start:

-------------------------- --------------------------

-------------------------- --------------------------

------------------------- -------------------------

------------------------- --------------------------

------------------------- ---------------------------

Which of these talents makes you feel the most alive? Which of them makes you feel like this is what you’re supposed to be spending the rest of your life doing?

Let’s Get Five of Those (that you mentioned above):

------------------------------ ------------------------------

------------------------------ ------------------------------


Now, of the 5 that you mentioned above, which of these makes you feel the most connected to your purpose (that we discovered earlier).

Which of them makes you feel the greatest “high”? Which one makes you feel like this is the talent of your purpose?

Write it here: --------------------------------------------- 

Congratulations! You’ve just found your major Uncommon Millionaire Talent.

And the other 4 that you mentioned previously may be your minor Uncommon Millionaire Talents!

It is my hope that you will connect with the unique endowment that The Creator, God, put inside you. You are exceptional and you are uncommon. And your Life's Impact Calling and your Uncommon Millionaire Talents can change the world and make you lots of money if you use them the right way! In closing, here’s your homework:

1) Your Uncommon Millionaire Talents (UMTs) should be your focus for a few weeks. Try to zone in on what they are and where you use them. Remember you know that you’re using them when you come alive and get a “high” feeling!

2) Developing the resolve to use them and major in them should be your focus for a few months. Try to move away from just getting by in life by making small steps into your purpose and your destiny. I promise you that they’ll show up if you do! And they’ll make you tons of money too!

3) Focus on creating businesses and systems around your uncommon millionaire talents so that you can truly live a purpose-driven life where you are on fire and sharing your endowments with the world. It’s time to be uncommon. Let the world see your brilliance (light) in Jesus' Name.

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