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99 Inspirational Quotes to Motivate You To Arise in Life (Secrets Revealed)

99 Inspirational Quotes to Motivate You To Arise in Life (Secrets Revealed)

Apostle Quinson Thomas Apostle Quinson Thomas
25 minute read

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It doesn't matter how motivated you are in life, at some point you're going to need help. It's our prayer that these inspirational quotes will give you the encouragement you need to be everything that you were meant by God to be. Times are tough, and motivation may be hard to come by, but there is always hope. Inspirational Quotes are sometimes just what you need to start again and move forward. We've provided short inspirational quotes that speak to success, wealth and your identity in life. May these motivational quotes and wise sayings give you the strength and inspiration you need to persevere.

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning (James 1:17). Let's start these interesting motivational and inspiring quotes.

What are Some Good Inspiring Quotes on Talents?

1. You will find your uncommon millionaire talents in the place of your passion. Let me take you through this discovery now.
1b. Whatever you are passionate about is passionate about your passion concerning it. What you don’t know is that the place of your passion is the place of your greatest wealth because it’s the place of your diligence

2. Show me what you spend most of your time doing and I will tell you what you should spend the rest of your time doing.

Find Your Uncommon Millionaire Talents

3. Millionaires learn to respect and honor the place of their purposeful passion because they know that because they’re so connected to it this place in and of itself will be the launching pad with which to connect with the rest of the world.

What are Good Inspiring Quotes about Passion?

4. Uncommon Talents are developed through sacrifice. If you sacrifice your time to do something you’ve found an uncommon talent. Most people don’t spend a tenth of the time that you do developing this talent and feed this hunger as you do.

5. What you don’t mind doing for the rest of your life even if people don’t fully appreciate what you do now is the place of your passion.

6. Where there is much such sacrifice there is much passion. Where there is little sacrifice there is little passion.

7. Passion is stronger than material currency.  Find it and you will find the place for passionate and fortified wealth.

8. Intensity is a great indicator of passion. And wherever there is passion there is an intense and uncommon talent looming in the bushes.

9. Exceptional Business People are always passionate about what they do. They’re exceptional because they discovered that passion is the revealer of their Uncommon Millionaire Talents.

10. God gives people true passion to guide them into the abundance He has for them. The wise millionaires are always guided by God into true passion and sacrifice- the place of Uncommon Millionaire Talents.


- The Place of Surrender:

You will find your extraordinary talents in the places where you exercise the greatest humility in being of service to others. You will find them in the places of your surrender. Let me explain.

1. What you are willing to give up for what you want to be able to do is a key indicator of how uncommon a talent you have.

2. To become an Uncommon Millionaire you must have the fortitude to give up something to get something.  Uncommon Millionaire Talents humble you to ensure progress.

3. You will find yourself surrendering your relationships to the plan of God for your life. All of us have to do it, if we truly want to make it. The thing that you surrender other things for is a very special thing to you- and it often hides your uncommon and extraordinary talents. Search them out.

Find Your Uncommon Millionaire Talents

Do you Want More Encouraging Quote Passages?

4. Many wealthy colleagues dropped out of University and their past professions to do what they do now, making bank loads of money. Your uncommon millionaire talents are found in the place of your surrender.

5. Nothing Great ever gives up its right to secrecy without surrender on the part of the one seeking. So too your Uncommon Millionaire Talents will never reveal themselves until you give up something to unveil them.

More Inspiring Quotes on Success and Wealth

6. There is a unique strength given to all those who sacrificially surrender for the good of all. When you find this unique strength you will find your Uncommon Millionaire Talents.

7. Talents are developed. Time is a necessary variable in the talent development process but surrender is its mother.

9. You may be a writer, or a statistician but writing or statistics may not be the area of your Uncommon Millionaire Talents. Drawing and coming to wise conclusions may be the uncommon talent that you need to tap into. We often cover up our greatness for the sake of getting around the ballpark of what we love to do. But when it comes to becoming a millionaire, you got to be bold honey.

10. You may love to play the piano. But if you don’t know how to surrender in order to play the piano and have great success doing that then playing the piano is not one of your Uncommon Millionaire Talents. It may however be used by one of your uncommon talents to bring you much success, but you have to know what to give up in order to get to share “ The Talent[s]” that you’ve expressed in high fashion before.


- The Place of Purpose:

a. Whenever a human being discovers his/her purpose this human being finds what it means to be exceptional. I’ll take you through your purpose-discovery session now. I know, it's inspiring to see who you really are and all the great abilities you have.

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Find Your Uncommon Millionaire Talents

What are Good Inspiring Quotes on Your Purpose

1.What you love to do more than anything else is the thing that you need to do in business more than anything else.

You should know what your purpose in life is before you go into business. Purpose indicates the place that your heart is. And your treasure is always found
where your heart is.

Uplifting Quote Passages For Your Encouragement in Your Purpose

1. Your Uncommon Millionaire Talents are meant to assist you in carrying out your purpose, therefore to quickly identify these radically uncommon gems you must find out what you love to do that are honorable and of good report.

2. Nothing is more impactful than a person who’s radically in line with his/her God-given purpose.  Your millions will be made here.

3. You don’t know what you’re supposed to do with what you have until you locate your purpose. Your uncommon talents are purpose-driven.

4. Your greatest strengths and talents are always found in the place of your purpose. Whenever you think purpose, you open the door for your uncommon millionaire talents to be revealed to you.

5. Your Purpose gives definition to your Uncommon Millionaire Talents. They mean a lot to you when you see them through the eyes of your purpose and what you love to do.

6. Your purpose is one of the biggest indicators of what you should do in your life and what talents you should use to get you there.

7. Big Decisions always give birth to Big Results. Big Talents always give birth to Big Decisions. And the size of your talents can only be determined by you and the purpose that God has in mind for their use.

8. If you think about your greatest service that you can provide to humanity, you will undoubtedly locate your Uncommon Millionaire Talent.


- The Place of Meaningful Relationships

The most meaningful of your relationships is a good place to start looking for your uncommon millionaire talents. This is because wherever there is devotion, there is resourceful potential. I’ll take you through this discovery process now.

What are Short Inspiring Quotes About Relationships and Success To Motivate You To Achieve God's Best For You in Life?

1. Anything or anyone who should not be given access to your talents is a person who makes what you have seem very little when what you have is great. When you find that something in you is being torn away because of what people think or say with regards to something that you do, it’s a good indication that they’re attacking your uncommon millionaire talents that haven’t been given the chance to fully bloom yet.

2. Your Uncommon Millionaire Talents only show fully when you’re serving the right people at the right time.

3. When you’re serving people and things feel like “this is what you should spend the rest of your life doing”, then you’re in the place of discovering what your Uncommon Millionaire Talents are and what you are meant to do with them.

4. Right relationships always lead to promotion. When you serve the right people what you have is glorified and it shines like the noon day.

5. You know when you’re on to an uncommon millionaire talent when those who were close to you start turning their backs on you, trying to make you feel small and insignificant.

6. Most people know how to identify greatness when they see it and if it is anything you should pursue, you should prepare yourself for people to be jealous and hostile towards you without a cause. If people say to you, “You think that you’re better than me,” when you don’t think so, but was just seeking to let your light shine, you’ve hit oil. Tap it quick, and get a rig around it. Millions are in your future.

7. You’ve found your uncommon millionaire talents when all you want to do is serve people through them for their betterment.

8. There is nothing more enjoyable than your talents whose opportunity to serve has come.


- The Place of Promotion:

Your Uncommon Millionaire Talents will also be found in the place of your promotions in life. Let me show you what I mean.

Your Uncommon Millionaire Talents are those talents that leave you open for promotion.

What are Great Inspiring Quotes on Promotion To Encourage You In Tough Times?

1. Promotion follows your faithful use of these talents in harmony with your God-given purpose to the service of others.

2. Uncommon Millionaire Talents are always multiplied at the point of promotion. You can always discover your Uncommon Millionaire Talents because at the point of elevation, they blossom like a rose as they should to take you to the next level.

3. A gift opens doors. Uncommon Millionaire Talents open uncommon million dollar doors if they are presented in their true light.

4. What you don’t see is your potential. But the clearest indications of your potential are your Uncommon Millionaire Talents.

5.  Your use of your talents is an indication of your promotion. Your Faithful use of your uncommon millionaire talents is an indication of your faithful million-dollar promotion.

6. Think about all the remarkable things that you’ve done in your life. Now think about the remarkable talents that God gave to you to do remarkable things.  They’re interconnected, aren’t they? All you need now is a system of leveraging what you’ve done to augment and multiply the results that you achieved prior.

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Inspirational Wealth Harnessing Quotes

Millionaires are those people who’ve learned how to discover and tap into their uncommon talents for the benefit and use of themselves, people groups, the nations and the world. The talents that you’ve discovered in the previous chapter as you know is an exceptional one, but it will do you no good if you don’t invest into its proper positioning in the marketplace.

Lawyers, doctors, businesspeople, musicians and janitors alike all can be millionaires, but very few ever do. Is it that they’re not talented enough in their respective fields? Most times that’s not the case.

However, there is one thing lacking in their marketing- their value positioning. Do you see yourself as an average whatever? If you do, that’s all that you’ll ever be! But if you are able to accurately and effectively position your talents and giftings, you’ll be able to harness the wealth that is truly yours. Most people never learn how to position their value in such a way that they’re seen as the preeminent authority in their marketplace, but after reading the following chapter on proper positioning you won’t be among this number.

When you position your value highly you will be positioned highly, and you will be able to harness the wealth that is truly due to you. And it will be fully representative of the uncommon millionaire talents that God has given to you.

Remember: Customer and marketplace perception is key to receiving the honor that is due to you.

Proper Positioning

People do business with experts, so in harnessing the wealth contained in your uncommon millionaire talents you must be effectively packaged as an expert.

Here is the one working definition for our study today.

Expertise-  the science of presenting an uncommon talent[s] in an interesting and value-filled way so as to assist in the branding of a person and company as the preeminent place of business.

Short Uplifting Quotes For Business Success 

1. To show Expertise you must be able to show the past results of your expertise.

2. There are 3 basic types of expertise demonstration: Knowledge, Social, and Hard Results.

3. A book positions you as an expert becomes it demonstrates all three aspects of demonstrating your expertise. It demonstrates your knowledge. It shows that you have a message that people would want to read thus satisfying the social aspect of your expertise. And it also represents the hard results of your expertise- writing and completing a book- something that most people will only dream about doing.

4. Showing your expertise is about demonstrating that you are in some way above the status quo in a way that people can identify, showing that you can make things happen.

What are Some Uplifting Inspirational Quote Passages about Sharing Your Gifts?

5. Uncommon Millionaire Talents are such because they demonstrate your expertise in a given area.

6. You are only as wealthy materially as the value of the expertise that you convey each day to your target audience.

7. Value is simply that which causes your target audience to say, “I want that” and to act in accordance with that statement. Your expertise gives hope to your target audience that what they want to achieve is achievable and touchable through your company.

8. There are billions of talented people in the world today. Many of them have millionaire talents. The difference between those who are known for their talents and those who aren’t is their demonstration of their expertise.

9. Sometimes you lose the power of demonstrating your expertise because you fail to show expertise in one of the 3 key areas- Knowledge, Social, Hard Results. Find the area of your weakness and address it and your marketplace will be addressing you as millionaire expert (Your Name).

10. One of the things that you must be able to do effectively is to market your expertise to yourself. Because when you believe that you have something incredible, others won’t have to look very far to get the accurate picture of your company.

Describing Your Uncommon Expertise

1. What you describe becomes what others describe. You and your company are the books that others read. Give an accurate description.

2. People don’t fully know the value that you provide them unless you describe it to them.

3. In English class we learned how to write descriptions. In Business we learn how to write descriptions also- value descriptions.

What are Good Encouraging Motivational Quotes To Help You Build Your Wealth?

4. The business that leaves their branding up to the whims and fantasies of others is the business that will fail.  Why is this? This business never prepared for success.

5. The more specific and value-full your description the more specific and value full you’ll find your bank account.

6. Success begins and ends with the words that you use to communicate. You can change the outcome of your business by changing your words.

7. Once you’ve discovered your uncommon millionaire talents you have to begin to describe them as such- uncommon. Therefore, you cannot use the words and phrases that people associate with common products. Your vocabulary must be updated or you must have a new one installed.

8. The language that you use to describe your talent and what you do is very important. With new value comes new words. Words house value.

What are Short Uplifting Quote Passages For Business Success? 

1.  Not only should you describe your expertise, you should be able to lead others into your expertise.

2. Your unique talent opens you up to a realm of expertise. Let people see it fully.

3. Don’t hide what you know.

4. Give away your best stuff and leave your prospective clients wanting more.

5. There is nothing more limiting than hiding your talent for fear of people taking advantage of you. Once you’ve created those boundaries, and have established a chain of command system you should use them to God's glory.  

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What Are Encouraging Short Quotes For Motivation and More Success and Wealth?

6. Give the gift of your uncommon millionaire talents and people will open their doors to you.

7. It’s always a good idea to lead people to the place of your expertise (your uncommon talent[s]) by stepping them into it; first the introduction, then the body, and finally the close. There should always be a chain of command.

8. Never leave the door open indefinitely to a talent by streaming it without close. Change it up to avoid sliding into the usual and ordinary.

9. Be sure to begin any and every presentation you do with an introduction. It’s the only that you’ll be able to prepare people’s minds for the infusion of greatness that you’re going to give to them.

More Inspirational Life Quotes For You

10. There was a reason for John the Baptist-to introduce The One. Use the John the Baptist strategy in your own marketing and promotion and you will watch your profits soar. It’s the best Introduction strategy ever created.


Getting the Most out of Your Uncommon Millionaire Talents

Once you’ve found your Millionaire Talents you must begin to protect them because people and circumstances will always try to devalue them. I’ve learned this the hard way and after experiencing this, I do not want anyone else to have to experience what I did. This is why I’ve added this section.  It makes no sense Discovering your Uncommon Millionaire Talents if you never get a chance to let them shine at their fullest potential.

This has a lot to do with proper positioning, a topic we discussed earlier, but this goes much deeper into the business realm of guarding your value for years to come than anything else. So we’re going to look at the perception of your value in the marketplace.

This is critical to your success.

You can have all the millionaire talents in the world, but if people don’t see them as such because you have allowed them to be devalued through a failure to protect them then you’ll end up like most people in the world- asset rich and cash flow poor. Here’s to protecting your value and getting the most out of your uncommon millionaire talents.  

Do You Want More Short Quotes For Inspiration and Business Success? 

1. You have to be able to build walls of authority around yourself and your gifting in order to protect it and to preserve it.

2. If you don’t build a protective covering of people, structure, and hierarchy around yourself and your talents, your greatest talents will be seen and treated as if they were nothing.

3. There is a reason for hierarchies. Don’t try to be the loner in business, you’ll get swamped and destroyed.

4. Hire people who will protect your time investment. You don’t have time to be a bus boy, Mr. CEO.

5. There is nothing more distressing than a millionaire who has never understood the importance of having the right people around him.

6. Understand that you are the boss. Let people treat you as such. The formality is needed. You must be perceived as the authority in order to get anything worthwhile done.

More Quotes For Motivation in Sharing Your Gifts

7. Success will only blossom when you discover how to value yourself and the people around you.

8. When you don’t stand for something, people will cause you to fall for anything.

9. If people have easy access to you whenever they please they’ll view you as a push over even though you are of great value to them.

Do You Want Motivational Quotes For Business Encouragement and Success? 

10. In business you have to set boundaries. It’s the only way that your clients and employees will be able to know that there was a price paid to get you to this point.

11. People perceive value in many ways. Boundaries are universal value indicators.

12. I remember the time when I said that I’ll never be out of reach like many people who I had seen who were higher-up authorities before me. But I was young and ignorant. I didn’t know that I did greater service when I set boundaries. People hardly view “free, “ and “boundless” things as valuable.

13. What you don’t know can kill you and a Boundary-free CEO, by the second, murders his value.

14. Once you’ve discovered your talent you must find the correct hierarchical structure to support it. This may mean being introduced by someone before you begin to speak and could mean that you should have two or three secretaries with your prospective clients before they reach you.

Do You Want More Motivational Quotes For Inspiration and Business Success and Wealth?

15. Don’t allow people to make you feel silly for protecting your assets. This is precisely why you need boundaries- people will make you feel valueless when you’re providing lots of value.

16. Only the things in this world that are set apart are seen as noteworthy.

17. Creating walls of authority is a necessary skill for every serious businessperson. It involves giving up your life for the sake of those you serve.

18. Talents are only talents when they are perceived as uniquely different. Let the structure of your presentation reflect the uniqueness, and high-value of the talent that you showcase to the world.

19. If a million dollars was easy to come by then it would be valueless however because there are boundaries with regards to its acquisition, it is valued.

Short Motivational Quotes For Wealth and Company Life

20. To be successful with your own talents you must be successful with those of others. When you guard the talents and gifting of others and those who work for you, you will guard your own.

21. Don’t put people who tear you down in your business. Leave them on the outskirts. They are not fit to sit beside you when you’re looking about your business and your service to others.

22. The greatest representative of creating boundaries for the purpose of service is God. Even His throne is surrounded and there is only One Way to Him - Jesus.

23. The world will eat you up and spit you out in business if you don’t have boundaries, namely a network of people who represent different areas of your operation.

24. A CEO’s establishment is in the great number of people who he serves, and who serve with him.

25. If no one is introducing you it means that there is no one guarding you. And if no one is guarding you it means that you’re letting your wealth potential leak in its drawing factor and your ability to create the business and life that you want.

26. There is strength in numbers. Never forget this.

27. You get a whole lot more things done when you are guarded and thus left to do the things that you do best.

28. Chain of command. Whoever thought of this was a genius. So who did? God did!

29. Your products, services and every bit of communication within and outside of your company once this material is coming from you and your company should show a chain of command. Hierarchical order always conveys value.

30. The more successful your employees are, the more successful you are. Guard their value and you will guard yours as well.

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Now that I’ve shared these amazing secrets with you, go now and do something with what I’ve shown you and let your light shine brightly to the glory of God.

My closing words on how to be successful in life:

1. Find What He has given to you.

2. Package what He has given to you so that you are seen as the expert

3. Use what He has given to you to be a blessing to others.

4. Turn this world upside down for Him and be RADICAL!

Great things are possible if you have the wisdom from God, put in the hard work (better if it's smart work) and wait for God to give you more and more inspiration as you progress on your life's journey.

Small things can turn into a great work, but you'll need courage to keep on persevering until those small things become big things. If you see your apparent failure as a good thing, or as a chance to start again with the knowledge gained from failure, you will be well on your way to achieving the success intended by God for you.

The important thing is that the true goal is not to become a successful person, but to be successful in what God has called you to do with the talents and resources He has given you.

Take a motivational quote from the list above and ask God to show you how to use a daily quote above for inspiration and help as you put the Bible over everything that I've shared to gain the motivation and courage you need to prosper in the work God has called you to. You can be a scientist like Albert Einstein, or a writer/speaker like Stephen Covey. The profession doesn't count all that much; God's purpose for you does.

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