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It's such a blessing to be able to share our Bible quizzes with the body of Christ. And whether you use these for Sunday school, for your regular Bible study, our Bible trivia questions will be a blessing to you and to your church. We take the Bible Quiz questions from the New Testament as well as the Old Testament to make our Bible trivia are extremely comprehensive. And each question is thoughtfully put in place to test your Bible knowledge and to help you truly study the Word of God and gather the answers that you need to make the right decisions. So you can use these for your Bible study sessions, or you can just use them for your personal time. But all Bible trivia is here to help you to grow in your faith and grow your Bible knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. So that you can walk by the power of the Holy Spirit in the things that God has promised you throughout the word. And as I mentioned before, these Bible questions come from a wide range of scriptures. They come from the entire Bible. In fact, we try to create trivia quizzes that incorporate many different topics in the Word of God. So that you can learn scripture and study scripture with a bit of fun and a bit of excitement. As you progress in the Word of God, our Bible Quiz is here for you to help you to grow in the things of the Lord. It's good for adults as well as young people. It's good for Bible study, as we mentioned, as well as Sunday school. It is our prayer that you find the answers in the Word of God and that God's will in your life will be fulfilled. You may see questions that mention: the Apostle Paul King Herod the Lord Jesus, the apostle Peter, Judas Iscariot one or two of the Minor Prophets and the rest you would have to see of course, we're making many Bible quizzes. So the one that you actually saw it may not have all of these characters in it, but we trust that each question will be something that you will find entertaining and helpful in your study of the Word of God.

We were seriously thinking about how we could make our website better. And the idea of puzzles, Bible stories, Bible quizzes and trivia questions, just caught my eye when I finally saw it. So, as you're familiar with the Bible stories of the Lord Jesus and if you like to study the Word of God, then our trivia questions are just what you have been looking for. We pray that you find the correct answers. And that as you go through the questions from the Old Testament and New Testament that you will find encouragement in the Holy Spirit

and that you would see God's word as a tool and an instrument not just to get the right answer in a trivia question, but to see God's word as the answer to every trivia question, in real life. May you be blessed as you choose the correct answer.