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Trivia In The Scriptures Bible Quiz Game Free (With Answers)

Trivia In The Scriptures Bible Quiz Game Free (With Answers)

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Welcome to our Trivia in the Scriptures Bible Quiz Game - Think you know the Bible?  Take the free bible trivia quiz here to find out how much of the bible you actually know!

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How to Get Started With Our Trivia in The Scriptures Bible Quiz Game

  1. Set aside some time to take the quiz. It's going to be fun and enjoyable, but you don't want to be distracted to make sure that you get a high score. 
  2. Select the quiz by clicking on the red button above to get started. 
  3. When finished, share your results/score with your friends and family. 

Get started now!

Why Bible Trivia?

We were seriously thinking about how we could make our website better. And the idea of puzzles, Bible stories, quizzes, and trivia questions and answers, just caught my eye when I finally saw it. So, if you're familiar with the Bible stories of the Lord Jesus and if you like to study the Word of God, then our trivia questions are just what you have been looking for.

We pray that you find the correct answers and that as you go through the questions from the Old Testament and New Testament that you will find encouragement in the Holy Spirit and that you would see God's word as a tool and an instrument not just to get the right answer in a trivia question, but to see God's word as the answer to every trivia question, in real life.

May you be blessed as you choose the correct answer!

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