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(Revealed) Your Value Must Be Excavated - God's Success Blueprint

(Revealed) Your Value Must Be Excavated - God's Success Blueprint

Apostle Quinson Thomas Apostle Quinson Thomas
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As you think about what your Uncommon Millionaire Talents are, don’t compare your talents that you’re thinking about to those of others, because this can discourage you because you may end up thinking that what you have doesn’t fit the bill.

And that’s precisely the kind of talent that we’re thinking about identifying - the talent that is not common but packs a wallop of value for people!

And usually your uncommon millionaire talents come in clusters that work toward the same goal. “So, if you’re designed to be an impressionistic painter, you’re good with your hands, you can see what others can’t see, and colors wow you!

  • This has been nagging at you for the longest while, and you can’t seem to accept it because you don’t think it will make you any money – you’re wrong.
  • It’s your Uncommon Millionaire Talent calling you!” And the reason why you may have talent-clusters is that you’ve given so much investment to these talents that they’ve caused you to develop or unearth others!

So, pay attention to yourself and take inventory of yourself as you’re reading!

You can look at a diamond that is in the ground.

First, we have to remove all the dross and all the different stuff that's on it for you to get to the diamond.

But if people didn’t place a value on diamonds or if people didn't want or desire it then the diamond in and of itself wouldn't be “worth” much even though it’s full of intrinsic value.

But because people would benefit from it and because it has an impact on people -because people love it and cherish it and have a desire for it to be in their lives -it has value, or more specifically, use-value.

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