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About Our Ministries

AliveChristians.com was formed, by the grace of God, by a man hailing from the Virgin Islands by the name of Quinson Thomas, who has been tasked with assisting Christians and God-seekers in their quest to reach and fulfill their God-given destinies in Christ. Nothing to the founder is as important as fulfilling the mission in Christ for which you were born.

What about you is special? What do you have that no one else on earth possesses? What did God gift or talent you with since the day you were born that you haven't been effectively using? Do you know the gifts of the Spirit that the Lord wants you to flow in? Do you know bible verses on healing the sick? All of these powerful questions are answered at Alive Christians and I'm pretty glad and amped that they have had the foresight and vision to put together such a powerful resource for Christians around the world.

Alive Christians is a site, hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, that helps people just like you find their callings and walk those callings out to the glory of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We want to be a great help to you in your walk with the Lord and it is our endeavor that you fulfill your calling from the Lord in full.

The site features a verse of the day page verses for strength, devotionals, prayers, psalms, books of the bible, a christian book store, song lyrics and free prophetic word pages to help you, by the grace of God, fulfil your destiny in Christ.

AliveChristians.com was founded in 2019.

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Founder of Alive Christians

Founder of Alive Christians, Apostle Quinson Thomas (left) after a book signing.