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(New Release) Right Relationships Lead To Promotion (God's Success Blueprint)

(New Release) Right Relationships Lead To Promotion (God's Success Blueprint)

Apostle Quinson Thomas Apostle Quinson Thomas
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No man is an island.

No woman is an island.

We are all in need of relationships.

We need the talents and particularly the uncommon millionaire talents that each of us possesses.

That's why this exercise in advancement is not an exercise of competition and vainglory. It’s an exercise in the expression of the inherent abilities that God has put in every woman and every man for the benefit of all.

Relationships always lead to promotion because it's in relationships that you get to express your essence and tangibly communicate your purpose.

You'll not be able to express your essence or your life's energy from God without sharing it with somebody else.

Sharing is how we transfer energy from one person to another.

When this energy is transferred, there is also an equal and opposite transfer of energy, which results in some form of feedback which may inevitably result in promotion.

- You’re a banker, and for most of your job, you sit behind a desk speaking to people one-to-one.

But you find yourself on YouTube learning body language, and effective speaking styles and you love speaking to people about how to be thankful in their lives.

Also, you don’t like talking to people one-on-one anymore. You very much prefer speaking to people from a stage.

You love the work that motivational speakers do, but you don’t think from your present position you’ll ever be able to do that. Can someone say Uncommon Millionaire Talent?

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