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(Revealed) Your Product Is Stored Energy - God's Business Secrets

(Revealed) Your Product Is Stored Energy - God's Business Secrets

Apostle Quinson Thomas Apostle Quinson Thomas
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You see, it is the process of transmutation or transformation of energy that gives birth to the money that you receive. Your Product or Service is A Delivery of Energy To Your Customer.

So, if it is that you want money, you must begin to establish gradients so that you can deliver energy to people in the form of the product or the service that market wants.

In this area, you have to set up your payment processors, your payment gateways. PayPal, and Stripe are examples of these.Then once you have this setup, begin to set up systems where your customers can give you the returning energy in the form of money.

You have to be able to set these up. You must first invest the energy in the marketplace, for the energy to be returned to you.

For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction.

And even though the energy that you sent forth went forth, it can neither be created nor destroyed.

It will come back to you in a different form, which in this case - since we're talking about business- is money.

Before You Get Money, You Must Invest Energy in Your Marketplace or Industry.

So, it is not something bad (like you may have been told) to be in business. On the contrary, it is wonderful and good to do business.

It's the process by which you provide people the energy to do the things that they desire to do, and in many cases, were destined by the Creator to do.

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