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(New) Gradients Are Needed For Power (God's Success Blueprint)

(New) Gradients Are Needed For Power (God's Success Blueprint)

Apostle Quinson Thomas Apostle Quinson Thomas
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The power that you possess is only evident to others when you can set up a gradient, a gradient of power-differential.

Seest thou a man diligent in his business? He shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men - Proverbs 22:29

What is the gradient we’re talking about here?

The gradient is that which allows people to see that you have something special.

It allows people to see that they do not presently have what you do, or what you have, and it sets up a channel by which they can get what you have. How do you set up a gradient in business? 

You set up a gradient by looking at those special and unique talents and giftings that you have, and then you focus on how you can present them to your marketplace in such a way that they understand them so well, that they want to have what you’re selling.

But, With All Your Getting Get Understanding and The Attention of Your Marketplace.

One of the most prized possessions of any business is the attention of its customers. Attention is very hard to acquire in this day and age of the microwave, fast-living, and give-it-to- me-in-two-seconds.

But if you can indeed acquire the attention of your audience, to the point where they're able to see you the way that you want to be seen, then you can wield your influence in any direction God desires.

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