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By Apostle Quinson Thomas. Updated on February 16, 2023

A Christian Bookstore That Serves You

Check out our Christian Bookstore as more new books are made available for download and purchase.

Use our books for your next bible study. New releases of our Christian books will be shared here as they're made available.

So if you like to sit down and read a good Christian book, then be on the lookout for our new releases.

We sell our own products, DVDs and CDs

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Click on The Image To Go To Book/Product Description Page in our bookstore

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Above you will see our featured bestsellers that we've chosen to help you in your spiritual growth as you trust God to do the remarkable in your life and ministry. They would be great gifts for a ministry appreciation or simply as a bible resource for small group.

We do hardcover, softcover, and digital distribution of our bible-based books for you to enjoy and grow in the Lord. At the moment we don't do baby gifts or greeting cards but we may as the need or demand presents itself. Our feature showcase above has some great resources for you to peruse.

We also offer free shipping for most of our products. The Free shipping details for each product can be found in the product description section

Our bookstore will have devotionals, books for teens and children, music samples, music books, and many others to help you as bible study resources to strengthen your spiritual growth and you trust God and function as the Church in the world. You can enter your email on the following page for more free gifts. Our line-up will be from fiction and non-fiction.

You will love these. You can use them for upcoming events at your Church or special occasions.

As Apostle Thomas writes more books and produces more material, our bookstore will also feature CDs, DVDs, and audio files for download. You'll enjoy having bible studies with these. New sale music and new sale DVDs will be forthcoming.

If you've been looking for a Christian book shop near you, we happen to be online so you can reach the bookstore anytime. So, please be sure to check back for more titles as they become available. We feature a book of the month here with great deals and opportunities to get great book deals, free shipping, bestsellers and more. It's our hope and prayer that you are blessed to be everything that God wants you to be in Jesus' Name.

We created this store not to be like all of the other bookstores, but to be a bookstore to help believers learn how to flow in the things of the Spirit and walk in power as Jesus would have them do for our Father's Glory. It is our prayer that our bookstore will facilitate a great learning process in you so that you can walk out your calling from the Lord in full.

In fact, in setting up this bookstore we faced many challenges in terms of getting books printed, and designed, but thanks be to God, we've done it and everything is ready for His people. We've not only set out to produce books, but we've also set out to produce CDs, DVDs, mp3 files, and more to the glory of God.

It is our prayer that through what we provide in our store that you will arise and shine for your light has come in Jesus' Mighty Name!

Coming Soon Titles:

Transformed- 100 days of Godly Wisdom- Improve Your Life, Family and Business

The Secrets of God - Improve Your Life, Family and Business

God's Secrets To Life - Improve Your Life Family and Business

In God We Trust

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