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(Secret) Create Fulfilling Business Relationships - God's Business Secrets

(Secret) Create Fulfilling Business Relationships - God's Business Secrets

Apostle Quinson Thomas Apostle Quinson Thomas
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You want your customers to say, “Hey, I need to set myself up with that business because I love being around them.

I can’t help the way that that business makes me feel.

I have to purchase some of their products!”

Business, by God's Grace, will be so easy if you have relationships like this with your marketplace.

The way that you do this is by setting up the gradients.

And you have to have in your mind that there must be a power or energy gradient set up for there to be a transfer of money to you.

Why is this so?

Money is a representation of the energy that we have or give as individuals.

Think about it!

You spend your energy at a job or at a company doing something, and that person or that company responds to you by giving you back “something” for your energy.

That “something” is money.

And so your money is a reflection of the energy that people give back to you in response to the energy that you give to them.

So when those persons or those clients come to you, and they say that they want to give their energy or money for something, it must be something of equal or greater energy for them to actually make that decision because it will make no sense to spend lots of time, lots of energy getting the money, (or the response to their own expended energy from somebody else) only to invest that money(energy) in something that doesn't give them equal or greater energy.

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