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(Updated) Lessons Can Be Learned From Wrong People (God's Success Blueprint)

(Updated) Lessons Can Be Learned From Wrong People (God's Success Blueprint)

Apostle Quinson Thomas Apostle Quinson Thomas
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When you find that something in you is being torn away because of what people think or say with regards to something that you do, it's a good indication that they're attacking your uncommon millionaire talents that haven't been given a chance to fully bloom.

And that's another thing people attack- something that they think is great, but that they don't want to be great.

When people attack things that you do that you sincerely believe are good and honorable, you may be staring at your uncommon millionaire talents, and begrudgingly they're helping you to identify them.

They hate what you do so much because it's great and they don't want you to know or believe that it is great because if you do, then they will be forced to change because you have changed or have stepped out of their realm of containment.

Don't hang around these types of people because they will probably never ever help you to be successful.

Don’t try to change them either because it’s a futile endeavor.

Only God can change them.

But the benefit of their attacks on your life is that they help you to identify your uncommon millionaire talents, so pay attention to the attacks of these people but don't let them become authorities in your life. Your uncommon millionaire talents only show fully when you're serving the right people at the right time in the right places.

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