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(Amazing) Give Customers What They Need - God's Business Secrets

(Amazing) Give Customers What They Need - God's Business Secrets

Apostle Quinson Thomas Apostle Quinson Thomas
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You give energy to somebody to accomplish his or her goals.

That person will give you that same or greater energy back to accomplish your goals.

Business is a process of transmutation of energy.

You give energy, and your customer gives energy.

Your energy is delivered in a product, a service, and in your communication.

Then, your marketplace transmutes that energy and gives back to you energy-feedback in the form of testimonials, money, celebration and adulation, referrals, etc.

You see, the energy you put out into the world will determine the energy that you get back and the different forms of the energy that you get back.

The Energy You Put Out Will Determine The Energy That You Get In Return.

There's a law of conservation of energy that states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but can only change from one form to another.

There is a transfer that happens.

When you have a product, you have stored energy or potential energy.

When that energy is transformed into kinetic energy or flowing or moving energy by the actions of your customer, that flowing or moving energy is then transformed back into potential energy in the form of money, in your hands.

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