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By Apostle Quinson Thomas, Updated on June 3, 2023

Welcome to our spiritual gifts test. I don't know if you have been considering how vibrant your spiritual life is, or if you've been looking at different church leaders, that talk about your spiritual journey or your spiritual growth in Christ. But one of the things that is very important for the believer is that he or she identifies his or her spiritual gifts, and that's the purpose for the gifts test. It is to help you take inventory of your Christian life by giving you an assessment tool that will help you discover your spiritual gifting and your unique place in the body of Christ, so that you can fully live out your destiny in Christ, flowing in the grace that God has given to you.

Now, we all know that we have different spiritual gifts. And spiritual gifts do not necessarily imply spiritual maturity but they do imply humility, and seeking after the things of God. Because Paul, in fact, said that we should covet The Spirit's gifts in our lives. So we must desire the things of God.

Now, as you know, there are nine gifts of the Spirit mentioned in First Corinthians 12, and these gifts of the Spirit are meant to equip the saints. They are meant to edify the body of believers. And there are certain biblical truths with regards to this, in that the Holy Spirit gives you spiritual gifts as He wills.

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The Gifts Belong To The Holy Spirit

These are the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and they are not a human's gift. They are the gifts of God.

And so as you do this spiritual gifts survey, and take inventory of your Christian life, I want you to bear in mind that whether it be healing, tongues, or prophecy, God is the one who gives you the ability. God is the one who gives you this resource. It is a God-given ability, it is not a talent. It is not you being able to corral a crowd; it is not you being able to use a natural talent to make people feel a certain way. It's not that.

It is the power of God- a God-given gift of God-given ability, by the Holy Spirit. And hopefully, through all the development of the site, we will be able to help you grow in your giftings and help you increase the effectiveness of your ministry. But we're going to go a bit into what these spiritual gifts are that you will discover through the quiz that we have provided. This spiritual gift assessment is not conclusive, but it gives you a very good picture and idea of what the Lord may be leading you to use.

This quiz has been made with much of my experience in mind when it comes to helping people identify their unique God-given ability.

Do your free spiritual gift inventory today.

Let's Look at The Gifts of The Spirit A Bit More

So in First Corinthians 12, the apostle Paul gives an outline of the gifts of the Spirit. These spiritual gifts are for the body of believers, ie. the Church. The Spiritual gifts are to build up the body. Now we can find this in First Corinthians 12, and there we see that there is the word of wisdom, the word of knowledge, the gift of faith, the gifts of healing, the working of miracles, prophecy, discerning of spirits, diverse kinds of tongues, and interpretation of tongues. And in verse 11, Paul says, and the Spirit gives it as He wills. Again, these gifts are God-given ability in the Name of The Lord Jesus Christ.

So I encourage you to go ahead and start the gifts assessment by clicking on the link here on the page. This will take you over to the page to start the test. God bless you.

It is our prayer that as you take this spiritual gifts survey that your Christian life will be filled with encouragement, clarification from the Spirit and life. Because the life of a believer should not be a life that is based on natural talent only, but on the spiritual ability of God in his or her life.

It is our prayer that you find comfort and understanding in the things of God when it comes to spiritual gifts, so that you can grow in faith, mature in the Gospel, and develop fully in your Christian life. It is God's purpose that you fulfill His will for your life and it is His will that you're not ignorant when it comes to spiritual things. Because there are different gifts of the Spirit and not everybody receives the same gifts. Everybody receives gifts as the Holy Spirit wills them.

As you (and maybe your entire family) do this gift inventory survey, I want to encourage you to seek the Lord on how to use the gifts that are revealed (in the results) that He has given to you. We want to give you the tools that you can use to find answers to your questions.

What Happens At The End of The Assessment?

At the end of this assessment, you will receive the results. And when you get those results, seek the Lord as to how to find ministry opportunities to exercise your gifts in the Name of The Lord Jesus Christ. You may ask to ask a church leader or pastor at your church for a ministry opportunity to serve, or you may have to ask a church leader at a ministry that may not be your home ministry, in order to serve them and serve the people that they are connected to. But regardless of where this opportunity to serve comes from, just know that the Holy Spirit will lead you and guide you to the right places to go.

Hopefully, this is one of many gifts tests and resources that we produce for the Church. We'll see what the Lord has in store!

How Important Is Taking This Survey?

I can't emphasize enough how important this spiritual gifts survey you're about to take is to your walk with the Lord. It is very important when it comes to living life in the New Testament. Because as a believer, your life should be filled with The Spirit's gifting by the grace of God and you must learn to cooperate with the grace on your life to effectively and efficiently bear fruit by the Gospel through evangelism in Jesus' Name. Knowing the Spirit's gifts in your life helps with this.

This quiz is great for children, teenage youth, and adults as a helpful resource for your Church or bible study. This is also great for help in assigning people to leadership and knowing what ministries in the Church you should give certain individuals.

Our gifts test or survey is broken down into the sign or power gifts, the revelatory gifts and the vocal gifts. Enjoy the free assessment. You can choose to get online training in ministry when you're finished.

When I started learning how to flow with the Holy Spirit I had no clue how intimate and extraordinary walking with God could be. I mean: not going down the same road because He told me, and not going certain places because He told me even though just by a human-reading of the bible where I was about to go would be okay. But there's always more when you're led by The Holy Spirit. I had to learn that. And as you'll find, walking with God is about obeying His voice and following His lead. That's how you flow in the gifts of the Holy Spirit- by hearing Him and doing as He says.

Please use the share button on the results page at the end of this free test to share it with your friends and family. God bless you