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By Prophet Quinson Thomas. Updated on May 26, 2023

You can actually request a free prophetic word from the Lord today. We'll minister to you live via video.

What, you don't know that God speaks to His Children? Well, let's introduce you to the experience. Jesus Christ rose again from the dead and is alive forevermore and He has given us His Spirit, The Holy Spirit, who comes from the Father and He will declare unto us whatsoever He hears (John 16:13). Set your calendars and be on our site for Prophecy Night!


Get Your Free Personal Prophecy on Prophecy Night from Prophet Quinson and The Alive Christians Team.

Listen, God speaks expressly and you can hear God's Voice.

In fact, on prophecy night we will minister to you as the Lord leads by the Holy Spirit on Video Live. This is not us guessing. This is the Lord sharing with us personal prophecies of His mind, His heart for you His child as He gives it to us prophetically. So, be engaged, and look alert, because God willing on prophecy night you will hear the Lord minister to you a personal prophecy in a powerful way as the Lord gives us the utterance.

As mentioned earlier you can sign up for your free prophecy above. We'll be sure to notify you on Thursdays so you can get a free personal prophecy from the Lord Himself, live on video. God bless you and see you then.

We don't do email requests for personal prophecy. You actually get to request a personal prophecy from the Lord from Prophet Quinson, or a member of the team. At that time, we do accept prayer requests and we say prayers on your behalf as The Lord leads. It's a very powerful and life-changing experience for many listeners. And its such a blessing for the team that ministers; everyone is encouraged.

Your word from the Lord is just a click away and we're looking forward to speaking prophetically from the Lord over your life. May the Lord Jesus Christ be glorified in your life. And may this be another tool that the Lord use to bring God's blessings into your life. You can also request prophetic counseling on Prophecy Night

Down below we have a few prophetic videos from ministers on youtube (unafilliated) but nevertheless we believe these prophetic words are true and accurate words from the Lord so we've appended them here. And further below we have listed words from scripture that further lend credence to what we do as prophetic ministers as we serve the Lord.

Prophetic word for 2021

Prophetic Word for 2020

Happenings For 2020-2021

Prophetic Words For Today - We Have Scriptural Support

The Scriptures in 1 Corinthians 12 give a great introduction to the gift of prophecy and its operation in the church today as a gift of the Spirit. Prophecy or the prophetic gift is a spiritual gift that is given by God through the Lord Jesus Christ by the work of The Holy Spirit to bring edification, exhortation, and comfort. You will receive the encouragement that the Lord has for you!

In the Old Testament, a few select people were able to prophesy, but in the New Testament, Paul says that we may all prophesy. Why is this? Because the Holy Spirit is in us and with us always according to John 14, so His gifts are readily available. Again, this is made possible through the miracle of regeneration by faith in The Lord Jesus Christ. Here is 1Cor 12:1-11

So as the work of the Holy Spirit goes on, this spiritual gift may be in operation and you may receive a revelation from God on what to do about your business, or you may get a miracle as the Holy Spirit leads. Prophet Thomas is very experienced and by God's grace, you will receive an accurate prophetic word from the Lord in Jesus' Name.

Remember, when you tune in on prophecy night you'll be able to request a personal prophetic word from one of our prophetic ministers as the Spirit wills. You may even receive healing or deliverance as the Holy Spirit leads.

It is our prayer that this prophetic ministry will help you hear God's voice so you can grow in faith and be an increasingly greater blessing in your life in Jesus' Name. Please remember that this is not a daily prophetic word, but will only be given on Thursdays or Fridays throughout the year, God willing.

Edification, Exhortation and Comfort

Your Personal Prophecy Will Be Given To You Live Via Video during Prophecy Night by Prophet Quinson or The Alive Christians Ministry Team