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(Truth) Help Your Customers To See - God's Business Secrets

(Truth) Help Your Customers To See - God's Business Secrets

Apostle Quinson Thomas Apostle Quinson Thomas
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As long as the customer doesn't see the value that the business has, the customer will never be able to fully assess their position.

Because your customers think about their wants and needs. In their minds, they might say, “Okay, I have this need, I have this thing that I want to get over or this thing that I want to experience, but I need to find a business that has that thing.”

If your business isn't presented in a way where they feel that they will accomplish something great by buying something from you, you will not get the sale.

Until your customer feels like there's some energy that's going to change his life as a result of doing business with you, he’s not going to make the purchase.

This is because we are spiritual beings.

And we always think in terms of energy and power.

We always think in terms of energy and power.

The reason why we have conversations with certain people is because we are thinking about energy and power.

If you encounter somebody for the very first time and that person shies away from you, after a period of time, if that person is very shy or very pulled-off to themselves, you tend to stop investing your energy in that person because your energy is the one that's supplying all the resources for the relationship. 

It's because of the energy/power relationship that we have with God that we don't rely on the energy/power relationship we have with people to determine our actions.

We have a more fulfilling energy-power relationship with Him through Christ Jesus that we have the energy and resources to give to others who don't have to give to us. 

But there's still a energy/power dynamic.

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