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(Amazing) Think About How You Can Serve Many - God's Success Blueprint

(Amazing) Think About How You Can Serve Many - God's Success Blueprint

Apostle Quinson Thomas Apostle Quinson Thomas
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You were given your "uncommon millionaire talents" to make people’s lives better and show forth what the Creator gave to you.

When you connect with your uncommon millionaire talents, you're going to find that they are linked to the greatest number of people that you can possibly serve with who you are and what you're capable of doing.

When I mentioned that your unique strength comes from sacrificially surrendering for the good of all, I'm talking about being of the greatest service possible with the talents and abilities that you have been given.

You may be a writer or a statistician but writing or statistics may not be in the vicinity of your uncommon millionaire talents.

Now you can take the same talents and apply them to a small group of people, but there will be a greater impact if you apply them to a greater number of people (directly or indirectly).

And when you find a talent or abilities that can take you to the greatest number of people you have probably found one of your uncommon millionaire talents and you need to set up a business right there, hone in on your skills and truly develop it for all that it is.

One of the things that we have to be able to do as advancing people is we must be able to differentiate between a talent and an uncommon millionaire talent.

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