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(New) The Realms of Supply and Demand - God's Success Blueprint

(New) The Realms of Supply and Demand - God's Success Blueprint

Apostle Quinson Thomas Apostle Quinson Thomas
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The area of supply and demand is also an area of looking at what you have, as opposed to what your customers do not have.

And you can look at this in terms of energy.

You should think about what your customers lack in terms of energy and movement in their life, as opposed to what it is that you have that you can give to them (unless of course what you have to give them are your 'uncommon millionaire talents' from God!)

You see, once you can discover the area of energy deficit in the life of your customer, you can then begin to build a product that supplies an overabundance of that energy, so that your customer can go from point A to point B; fulfilling and filling that gap in the energy field, so to speak.

Once you begin to think about these things in terms of energy, you stop thinking about the product, and you start thinking about the overall and overarching themes of your business where it's not about the product received per se, but, it's about the experience and the result (the energy package) that your customer receives.

Once you begin to focus on result and experience, you stop existing in the realm of price.

Because the realm of the price is about the product. The realm of experience and result is about energy.

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