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(Update) Your Uncommon Talents and Your Product - God's Success Blueprint

(Update) Your Uncommon Talents and Your Product - God's Success Blueprint

Apostle Quinson Thomas Apostle Quinson Thomas
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When you have a product, you have the energy to give.

What you did when you created that product was you stored up energy in the form of potential energy.

You invested your time, you invested your money, you invested your intellectual property, and you invested your resources into that product.

And when that customer receives that product, that customer receives energy. The greater the energy that is wrapped up in that product, the greater the demand will be for that product.

Now I'm going to really push it here because if you operate on the basis of uncommon millionaire talents, which are embedded in your DNA, you will find that there is something even better than doing research on a product or doing research on a marketplace.

What you have, if you use your uncommon millionaire talents, is something that will connect you to the world in the greatest of ways.

With your God-given Uncommon Millionaire Talents, you don’t have to look to see whether or not people are going to want what you have. This is major! Why is this? Because you have it in your DNA and its presence means that there are people in the world that are in need of what you have. This is because God created it this way. The fact that He put in you means that it’s valuable.

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