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(Revealed) Your Uncommon Talents Are Energy-Full - God's Success Blueprint

(Revealed) Your Uncommon Talents Are Energy-Full - God's Success Blueprint

Apostle Quinson Thomas Apostle Quinson Thomas
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They are constantly supplied with energy.

Talents that are supplied with energy like this move you to action, investment, and thought like that bunny.

When you get that rush of energy or that excitement when you’re doing something that you love -that never ever diminishes, and keeps on going as long as your body can take it -you’re getting energy from your essence, that is activating a part of your DNA that has to do with your purpose.

If you eat, drink water, and take care of yourself, there’ll be no stopping the excitement that’s in that area of your life. Why?

It’s because you’re using your endowment- you're using your uncommon millionaire talents, and you need to identify and use them as a major part of your life.

Your UMTs are connected to the reason you were born and thus will give you and those that you serve with them great fulfillment.

“You’re away at University, but you can’t shake the thought of the ecosystems that exist on a beach. You find yourself thinking about ways to enhance beach environments in a way that can preserve beaches around the world for another thousand years! You’ve found your uncommon millionaire talent, and it doesn’t matter that you never studied this formally a day in your life!”

Your uncommon millionaire talents are the hands and feet of your purpose. You don’t have to tell a bird to fly because it’s in every fabric of its being. You don’t have to tell a fish to swim because it’s in every fabric of its being. Of course, there are birds that don’t fly, but, again this is in their design.

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