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(Secret) Promotion Comes When Using The Right Stuff (God's Success Blueprint)

(Secret) Promotion Comes When Using The Right Stuff (God's Success Blueprint)

Apostle Quinson Thomas Apostle Quinson Thomas
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You have to use the right talents! These are the talents that come forth from your nature.

These are the talents that have no limits, so to speak, because they are ingrained in who you are as a being. These are not talents that you develop through nurture alone.

These are talents that you develop but were already in you from the time that you were born.

You’ve been using them for years!

These talents are in your DNA, and when you connect with who you are uniquely by using these talents in harmony with your God-given purpose to the service of others, you will find that your talents give way to a whole host of powerful experiences.

Remember your Uncommon Millionaire Talents are those rare talents that you may right now think won’t make you any money!

You see, there is a course that is laid out for you and there is a course that you choose. The course that you choose is your nurture.

The course that is laid out for you is your nature - the stuff that's in your DNA. The ideal situation is to choose and accept at the same time - to choose and accept the path that was created for you by the Creator. You must be aware of the fact that there is a duality of resources in your life.

There is nature, and there is nurture. Combine the two, and you will become literally unstoppable in the area for which you were destined.

Your promotion will follow you living in the direction of what was deposited in your DNA by developing that deposit in a way that allows for the maximum expression and use of it by others. Doing this will move you into your unique place where you dominate and effectively rule.

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