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(Secret) Godly Sacrifice Is The Key To Success- God's Success Blueprint

(Secret) Godly Sacrifice Is The Key To Success- God's Success Blueprint

Apostle Quinson Thomas Apostle Quinson Thomas
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The act of giving up something so another can live is called sacrifice.

When you decide that you're going to do something as opposed to doing something else, that is a sacrifice. The time that you invest in an area in your life is a sacrifice of your time.

And whenever you find these uncommon millionaire talents, you find an area of your life where you spend a whole lot of time! So, let's complete the picture here.

You have passions which are everlasting desires that don't ever go away, and these everlasting desires give birth to sacrifice or spending an inordinate amount of time doing something you love.

Your everlasting desires and sacrifice give birth to your uncommon millionaire talents (at least they allow you to see them.)

- I know a lady who went to University to study.

She got her degrees, but she still wasn’t fulfilled. She constantly thinks about businesses and their affairs on an international level.

She would love to do consulting work for them, but she only thinks this will happen in her dreams. Her uncommon desire(passion) is to study businesses and their affairs on an international level. How do I know? She constantly thinks about it.

Her uncommon millionaire talent is consulting these businesses in that area! How do I know? It calls out to her. But she went to University to study something else!

Most people find themselves in positions like this and end up feeling trapped. They feel like because they spent so much money studying one thing, it would be crazy to do what they love to do! No, it would be crazy not to!

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