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(Secret) Your Uncommon Talents Make You Euphoric - God's Success Blueprint

(Secret) Your Uncommon Talents Make You Euphoric - God's Success Blueprint

Apostle Quinson Thomas Apostle Quinson Thomas
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Here’s a clue for you: Your uncommon millionaire talents tend to give you the feeling of a high! This is because they are connected with your everlasting desires or passions.

The high feeling is the result of their high-energy nature. In fact, you may feel like there is so much energy in them that you can’t shut them off.

Think about it like this.

Let’s say you bought your daughter a cute little bunny. Of course, the bunny requires some things for it to work- batteries! You put in two AA batteries, and you set it down to watch it go. It hops and hops all over your house to the thrill and amusement of your daughter.

But after a week of hopping, it stops - the batteries are dead. Have you ever had talents like that?

Have you ever had talents that you enjoy for a little and then after a period of using them, you get over them, because the power has gone out from them- they just don’t make you excited anymore?

Have you ever experienced those moments? I know I have! Do you know why that is? This is so because those are not your uncommon millionaire talents. Those talents are low or mid-energy talents that were never meant by God for you to build your life around.

However, your uncommon millionaire talents are high energy. They are like hooking up that bunny to an electrical outlet!

They don’t stop! They are constantly supplied with energy.

Talents that are supplied with energy like this move you to action and investment and thought like that bunny.

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