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Give Power to Receive Power (God's Success Blueprint)

Apostle Quinson Thomas Apostle Quinson Thomas
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Whatever you give power to will give its power in the realm of its power to you.

(The Big Secret To Becoming More Powerful and Influential in Business!)

It's interesting that we don't often think in terms of energy when we think about life. But life is a series of transfers of energy.

Energy is simply the ability to do work. Now when you concentrate energy in an area, and you apply it to do work over a period of time, that's when you exercise power.

Whatever you give your power to or whatever you invest energy to over a period of time will give power to you in the realm that it functions.

So for example, if you give power to your car, in the area of, “you need to clean it,” the car, after you have cleaned it and you've given it your power, will give its power in the realm that you applied power back to you.

And the way that it does that is through the process of making you look good when you go out with friends.

When your car is clean, you feel confident, and feelings of shame and embarrassment over a dirty car melt away.

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