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(New Release) Surrender To God's Plan - God's Success Blueprint

(New Release) Surrender To God's Plan - God's Success Blueprint

Apostle Quinson Thomas Apostle Quinson Thomas
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You have to come to the place where you accept what you were meant to do.

And you may find yourself at war with yourself and your fears. But this is a fight worth fighting. This internal war has to be waged for you to get from where you are to the place you were created to be.

When I mentioned that your passions or everlasting- never-go-away desires and talents are in your DNA, I mentioned it because just as a bird is endowed by God to fly, and a fish endowed by the Creator to swim, so too you were endowed by God to do something extraordinary that no one else that was, is or will come on the earth will have the unique task to do.

And this endowment is what I call your Uncommon Millionaire Talents.

And just as the endowment in the birds and in the fish can be seen in their design, so too, your endowment can be seen in your design through the things that attract you and enrapture you.

- “Stop fighting your desire to watch TV just to see the staging and lighting!That’s your uncommon millionaire talent, and it doesn’t matter that you didn’t go to school to learn it! It’s your Uncommon Millionaire Talent!”

And when you say yes to God for your endowment and your design, everything will open up to you.

I've heard it said that the wealthiest place in the world is the graveyard because there you have people who have not written that book, not started that company, not created that invention, not charted that course, not done that schooling.

May it never be said that you didn't finish the course God laid out for you in Jesus' Name. 

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