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(Secret) Service and Success Are Married (God's Success Blueprint)

(Secret) Service and Success Are Married (God's Success Blueprint)

Apostle Quinson Thomas Apostle Quinson Thomas
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Your life will begin to take on shape.

Your life will begin to take on a new air.

You will breathe a new sigh of relief when you step into that place where you can truly be of service with your uncommon millionaire talents.

What are the entry keys to this life of service?

You have to know that your uncommon talents are found in the place of your deep everlasting desires.

And once you harness them through the process of sacrifice, flowing through your purpose, you will inevitably come to the place where your uncommon millionaire talents bring you before great people. Life gains through serving people.

And if you have not come to that place where you are serving the people that you are meant by God to serve, out of the bounty of who you were meant to be, you will feel unfulfilled.

And so, this advancing life that we're talking about is one that will help you to be fulfilled.

No amount of drugs, money, alcohol, or sex can fulfill the need and the desire that you have on the inside for manifested service. No amount of sweets or items or superficial goods can meet this need.

You have to make up in your mind that you are going forward towards the goal of becoming everything that you were meant to be and serving the people that you were meant to serve.

Because your life and your uncommon millionaire talents and your essence have tremendous value to the world and people will not experience them without you paying the price.

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