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(Powerful) Uncommon Talents From God Can Be Felt - God's Success Blueprint

(Powerful) Uncommon Talents From God Can Be Felt - God's Success Blueprint

Apostle Quinson Thomas Apostle Quinson Thomas
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When you use your uncommon millionaire talents, what happens is people feel the talents.

They go to a level beyond just mere ability. They go to the very essence of who you are. There's something else coming forth with these talents, and this is what helps you with your branding.

This is what helps you differentiate yourself from all the people who may have similar talents or abilities.

  • It is your being that comes through.
  • It is your essence that comes through.
  • It is your God-given purpose that comes through.
  • It is your destiny that comes through.

When we talk about essence, purpose, and destiny, we’re talking about the highest parts of you.

We’re talking about the high-energy, high-results parts of you, ie. your spirit.

And when you connect there, by using your uncommon talents that were meant by God to bring a unique ability to the world, you bring that "high-energy" to those people, and they feel it.

Oh, do they feel it!

They feel that what you have is different because of the energy that’s around it!

Now, most people don’t think, “Oh, they have a great energy field around their talent” when they work with you.

But they feel and know the difference between what you give and what other people have given in that area- and that’s your unique energy difference. Ever wondered why some people are like magnets for success?

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