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(New Release) The Powerful Talents of Your Purpose (God's Success Blueprint)

(New Release) The Powerful Talents of Your Purpose (God's Success Blueprint)

Apostle Quinson Thomas Apostle Quinson Thomas
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Your uncommon millionaire talents are the hands and feet of your purpose.

You don’t have to tell a bird to fly because it’s in every fabric of its being. You don’t have to tell a fish to swim because it’s in every fabric of its being.

Of course, there are birds that don’t fly, but, again this is in their design.

I think one of the sad things that we as human beings face is indoctrination from the world that causes us to think that that which is in every fiber of our being is somehow defective or less than what we need to have success in life.

I mean, what is this success that people talk about if it’s not supposed to be about fulfilling your purpose.

And if it’s about fulfilling YOUR Purpose, how can someone tell you that you’re successful when you do everything else but fulfill your purpose, which is unique to you?

It’s kind of twisted because, in another sense, we often think about success in terms of the money that we’re able to make.

But the greatest wealth that you can ever achieve in this life will ONLY come when you fulfill your God-given purpose using your Uncommon Millionaire Talents because money is a return on the energy that you put out into the world.

And you seldom can put out more energy than the energy that’s found in your Uncommon Millionaire Talents!

In society, we often run away from that which is in us. But it’s greatness that’s in you.

It’s greatness from the God that’s in you, and that’s what I want you to discover.

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