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(New Release) Your Uncommon Talents Are In You - God's Success Blueprint

(New Release) Your Uncommon Talents Are In You - God's Success Blueprint

Apostle Quinson Thomas Apostle Quinson Thomas
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But if you think about those times when you did feel like you’d taken flight - to the point where you would have loved to stay there forever - you would have found your Uncommon Millionaire Talents.

Put another way- it’s when the purpose meets the doing, or rather when the purpose creates the doing that you find your uncommon millionaire talents.

Because it’s the essence of who you are at the highest energies that gives your uncommon millionaire talents a body.

Your uncommon millionaire talents are vehicles by which the true you, the predestined, gifted and unfrustrated you, impacts the world.

Don’t think about everything that’s going wrong in your life.

Think about that unique ability that you have to solve problems.

Think about that unshakable desire that you have to transform an area of society. It may be in engineering; it may be in gaming; it may be in medicine.

But there is something that manifests itself in your thoughts that you constantly think about and that you give a lot of attention to that can change this world.

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The majority of us don’t access all the resources that are on our DNA.

Some things on your DNA will only differentially materialize themselves to you through your thoughts.

People often think that DNA is that which your body uses to create proteins and structures that are uniquely yours. And this is certainly true.

But there are sections of DNA that I believe give rise to your unique drives, desires, industrial inclinations, spiritual inclinations and the like. And it’s here that you will find your uncommon millionaire talents.

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