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(Revealed) God-given Differentiation Is Your SuperPower - God's Success Blueprint

(Revealed) God-given Differentiation Is Your SuperPower - God's Success Blueprint

Apostle Quinson Thomas Apostle Quinson Thomas
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Once you find an area of "everlasting" or God-given passion, you also have to confirm that you’ve found your UMT’s by checking to see whether or not that’s the area where you invest most of your time!

A man’s gift makes room for him, And brings him before great men. - Proverbs 18:16

If you find yourself constantly thinking about something or thinking a certain way about something, and you invest a lot of time in that area - many times without knowing you invest a lot of time there because you love it so much - then you would have located your uncommon millionaire talent or talents!

Your uncommon millionaire talents differentiate you from everyone else.  It may be that you have a knack for politics, and you didn’t go to school for it, or it may be that you have a knack for body language in communication that controls all your waking thoughts!

These are UNCOMMON!

They’re not going to be found in everybody!

And sometimes because you have it, you may think that everyone has the same thing! But they don’t. Sometimes asking a few questions will help to solidify this truth in yourself as well.

Sometimes, you can easily locate these talents, but other times you have to really take inventory of your life because you may not see them as special because YOU have them.

But YOU are special- VERY SPECIAL. The Bible says "You are fearfully and wonderfully made".

So, where you find your purpose, your reason for being here, you connect with your passions, and you see the Godly sacrifice (obsessive time spent) in a particular area, you are going to find uncommon millionaire talents.

Again, these talents will make you and others feel that you’ve found the reason you were born.

They will be such a huge part of your life that you can’t escape them.

They will "call" to you!

You may not have been living your life with the awareness of these Uncommon Millionaire Talents, but hopefully, by the end of this book, you would be. We’ve gone through the first aspect of discovering and uniting with your Uncommon Millionaire Talents.

Now I would like to share with you the type of person you have to be to access these because your uncommon millionaire talents will not reveal themselves to you fully until you pay the price.

So, the next section is on The Type of Person You Need To Be To Fully Discover Your Uncommon Millionaire Talents

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