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(Powerful) From The Highest Parts of You - God's Success Blueprint

(Powerful) From The Highest Parts of You - God's Success Blueprint

Apostle Quinson Thomas Apostle Quinson Thomas
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Again, this is my postulation, but I do believe over the course of 13 years of introspection, research and observations that I can hypothesize to this degree.

But with regards to truly harnessing your UMTs, think about what you want to solve and what you want to do in the world, and not based on what sounds good and what already exists in society, but based on the constant desires and passions within you, because your uncommon millionaire talents are the embodiment of those.

Your uncommon millionaire talents come from the highest parts of your being, so you can’t be encumbered by low energy things to discover them.

Forget about the money, what people think, what society has, the job you presently have, what already exists, and all of that!

Just think about you, and what you desire deep on the inside, not for selfish or vain reasons, but for what, no matter what you do, always bubbles up in you- always stays with you. These are your uncommon millionaire talents or abilities that God has given to you. In scripture, these are called your gift (that makes room for you).

Here’s a clue for you: Your uncommon millionaire talents tend to give you the feeling of a high! This is because they are connected with your everlasting desires or passions.

The high feeling is the result of their high-energy nature.

In fact, you may feel like there is so much energy in them that you can’t shut them off. Because they come from God, they give you lots of energy (power comes from Him) and their scope is long-lasting, and to a degree ever-lasting ( the word of the Lord endures forever).

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