has been acquired by has acquired While we are not proponents of the Catholic faith nor the Catholic Church we recognize the radio station and its work to spread the Gospel and are glad to acquire some of those connections to the broader world through this acquisition.

It is our prayer that the Lord Jesus Christ will be glorified in our work as we endeavor to spread the gospel with listeners on our website as radio programs and music will be forthcoming from our site as we endeavor to build our own radio station to the glory and honor of our Lord Jesus Christ with bible verses and teachings on healing, the gifts of the Spirit, free personal prophecy and more. We pray that the Lord is glorified in all that we do with our radio programs and song lyrics to His glory and honor in Jesus' mighty name.

May The Lord bless our acquisition of in Jesus' Mighty Name as we endeavor, by His grace, to share the unmingled, pure, and unstained Gospel to His Glory and Honor.

Follow this link to find some of our favorite hymns. It is our prayer that you will be a part of it as the radio ministry takes off

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