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Choose Your Friends Wisely (Gods Success Blueprint)

Choose Your Friends Wisely (Gods Success Blueprint)

Apostle Quinson Thomas Apostle Quinson Thomas
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The people who should not be given access to your uncommon talents are those people who make what you have seem very little when what you have is great.

Have you ever had a dream for your life and when you shared that dream for your life with a particular somebody, that person immediately shut you down and said - covertly or overtly - that you will never be able to do that, or you'll never make it?

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Have you ever spoken to somebody about your life's passion?

Have you ever asked them, “What do you think I can do?”, and when you share that thing with that person or those individuals they shut you down and make you feel as if you're not going to amount to anything?

Has this happened to you before?


You’re in good company.

There’s something very peculiar about the advancing life that will cause people to become very cynical and at times even hostile towards you. It's not that they are bad people- even though they may be- but it's that they don't want you to succeed because if you succeed then instinctively, they know that you will force them to pay attention to what they're supposed to be doing that they're not doing.

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