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Today, God Wants You To Stop Being Afraid By Faith

Today, God Wants You To Stop Being Afraid By Faith

Apostle Quinson Thomas Apostle Quinson Thomas
3 minute read

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God desires that you stop being afraid of things and circumstances. He only wants you to fear Him, as The Lord Jesus Christ said in Matthew 10:28. That's because the fear that is from this world will defeat you, but fearing God will elevate you. The Bible says in Proverbs that the beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord.

God doesn't want you to fear anything in this world.

If God is who He says that he is, then fear for you should be a thing of the past. God doesn't want you to fear anymore.

Sometimes when it comes to healing, we can think that we are going under or we can think that we are not going to succeed or that God is not going to come through for us. But the truth of the matter is God is faithful. And it doesn't matter what the situation looks like: If he has promised you in your spirit that He is going to lift you up, you can be sure of the fact that he is going to lift you up because He is not a man that He should lie!

God is faithful. I am living because He is faithful.

And today, my encouragement to you is that you trust Him even when you may feel afraid. Because that is what courage is - when you trust God in the face of apparent fear. Fear is not the end. Fear is an enemy that should be overcome. And so today, as you ponder on healing, your breakthrough in life or your finances, I want you to know that that good thing that God begun in you - that good work - is going to come to fruition because He promised that it will. You can trust God - that I am sure of!

Today's Healing Quotes

Psalm 109:30-31

30 With my mouth I will greatly extol the Lord;
    in the great throng of worshipers, I will praise Him.
31 For He stands at the right hand of the needy,
    to save their lives from those who would condemn them.

Psalm 31:7-8  

7 I will be glad and rejoice in Your love,
    for You saw my affliction
    and knew the anguish of my soul.
8 You have not given me into the hands of the enemy
    but have set my feet in a spacious place.

Psalm 73:26

26 My flesh and my heart may fail,
    but God is the strength of my heart
    and my portion forever.

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