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Uncommon passions are everlasting desires - God's Success Blueprint

Uncommon passions are everlasting desires - God's Success Blueprint

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Uncommon passions are everlasting desires. Everlasting desires are desires that don't ever go away.

No matter what you do, you can't shake the drive to do what these everlasting desires are leading you to do.

In fact, if you're honest, these everlasting desires or passions make you happy and make you feel like you have the ability to bring value to the world!

Everlasting desires give birth to uncommon passions, and these uncommon passions give birth to uncommon millionaire talents.

The way that you discover your uncommon millionaire talents is by finding the areas where you are uncommon in your desires- especially when you think it’s not a lucrative endeavor!

  • What area of life do you focus on?
  • What do you think about most of the time and how do you think about those things that you're thinking about most of the time?

You see when you take inventory on your life, or you sit down and really think about where you are and your essence and what you bring to the table, you will begin to discover that you are more- much more than you thought that you were.

And the work that I have is to help you to bring those unique talents to the fore. That's another thing about uncommon millionaire talents - uncommon millionaire talents are unique to you.

No one in the world has those types of talents that you have. They may be similar. They may look and sound the same, but they are not the same.

Other people don’t have the same uncommon millionaire talents because they are not you, and they don't have the same everlasting desires that you have because you have a different trajectory in life.

You have a different purpose in life, and everlasting desires that don’t go away were put there by God to help you reach your life's purpose and accomplish the purpose for which you were born. So, the uncommon millionaire talents are unique to you, and they are also fundamental to your destiny.

They are so powerful that the way that you are made up allows for the full scope and breadth of these talents. Your uncommon millionaire talents are foundational to you, and they will call out to you even when you ignore them for something you think would be better.

So, if I were to cut into you, I would see the foundation - the raw materials that are your uncommon millionaire talents. That is how essential these talents are to your destiny. They are in your very DNA.

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