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Why Our Homes and Society Needs The Masculine Man

Why Our Homes and Society Needs The Masculine Man

Apostle Quinson Thomas Apostle Quinson Thomas
4 minute read

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The world needs the masculine man and not just any man but good masculine men.

For a long time society stood on the backs of men. Manly Men went to war. Men led in politics. Men led at home. Masculine Men lead in the church but as of recent men are feeling to be what men have always been

because of a pervasive culture of the fantasy and what is effeminacy it is you foregoing doing the right thing because you're fearful or you don't want to go through hardship.

Manly Men Don't Run From Hardship

One of the reasons why men have muscles and they have a strong emotional stability is so that they can go through hardship and go through struggles. That's their design. But modern society has been trying to transform man into everything but his design into everything but enduring hardship into everything but suffering for the cause of good but that is man's design. From the very beginning, God created man to tend and to keep this 10 And to keep rule has within it, the understanding of hardship, that things have to be molded, things have to be protected. Things have to be done in a certain way that will ensure the safety and survival of the human race and the creation itself. But man has relegated this rule in many ways to created structures, abdicating their role as men in society, but that has to change, and it has to change right now.

The Man Is Needed In The Home

If we're going to have a society that serves God and does what God wants the society to do, then the godly man must stand up. Men must be men in society, for God's will to be done. No, I've looked at some studies and some statistics and I will leave the link here so you can see those studies and statistics. One of the shocking things that I learned is that children from single father households fare better than children from single mother households. And somebody asks, Why is that I father the mother is more nurturing. I thought that the child is better off with the mother if in the case that there's not father and mother, but the statistics do not bear that. Oh, and one of the reasons for that is the man's design. His design is to tend and keep the will of design is to help the man for design is not to attend and keep her children. Her design is to help the man and in seduce to help the children but to direct assignment of the woman is for the man.

The Manly Men Understand Roles Are Necessary

The man's assignment is for the entire creation and this is why the single father powerful first better is because God built the man for the entire creation where as God built the woman for the man and when we stray away from the design of God, for the design of man, or culture, we cause irreparable harm to ourselves and to our society. Because we have people doing things that are not designed by God to do. No two birds are alike. Neither can a man replace a woman or a woman replace a man. A man cannot give birth to children. A man's mind does not function in the multi-directional way that a woman's mind functions. God created us differently and we must respect that design. If we are to have functioning and productive societies. But the issue with us as human beings, is we want to do it all away. And again, that is why we ended up in the fall in the first place is because try to do it all away, as opposed to doing it the way that God said to do it. The Scriptures are clear that the man is the head of the wife, and Christ is the head of every man and as such the men should lead the women. The men should be leaders in society so that the societies can be run with people that are not only capable of running the society, but also designed to run the society.

The masculine man is very much needed in our society and my prayer is that good men will rise to the occasion to tend and keep in Jesus' Name.

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