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The Value of True Happiness and How To Get It From God

The Value of True Happiness and How To Get It From God

Apostle Irvin Swartz Apostle Irvin Swartz
6 minute read

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Our Secret To Perfect Happiness Comes From Meditating On The Word of God, But We Also Must Take Care of These "Holes" That Cause Authentic Happiness To "Fall Out" From Our Lives. Let's begin our look at this topic from Psalm 1  

Psalm 1:1 Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful. (Old Testament)

“Happy is The Man…!"

In the above-mentioned scripture, this word blessed, in the Hebrew "Esher", by definition means "happiness"...In essence, the Word of God in Psalms 1V1 gives us keys to the door that lead to happiness, no matter the challenges, situations, lows, losses, warfare, etc.. life throws at us. 

 3 Scenarios…9 points of Interests For Our Happiness

There are three scenarios, highlighted by nine points to NOT FOLLOW, ADOPT or IMPLEMENT in order for "Esher" to be protected and maintained in our daily lives as children of God. Let us methodically take a dissecting look, for the sake of insight and understanding, at these pinpointed positions in order for us to walk in wisdom for happiness-preservation. 

A.The Journey-“Sinful Environments, Advice and People - The Enemy Of Forward Motion”

*A. We encounter someone that the scripture describe as being on a journey :

...(1)Walking in the (2)Council  of the (3)Wicked... : 

   Deeper Revelation On The 3 Points of Interest For True Happiness

- (1) The act of WALKING, a state of motion at a specific pace, never having both feet off/on the ground at once, coming and going. Spiritually meaning seasonally or continually desiring, involving or committing oneself on a certain path, be it alone, in a companionship, escort or by guidance.

- (2) IN THE COUNSEL, this describes receiving advice, consultation, plans & purposes, schemes and strategies. 

-(3) OF THE WICKED, aka, the ungodly,  guilty of hostility toward God by wilfully living in a state of unrepentance, the morally wrong or bad, the criminal.

B. Regression-“The Pause” -True Happiness Secret

*B. One interesting thing that comes to light in the progression of this scripture is the regression in forward motion (ie. walking) as one seeks, gives heed and indulges in the council of the wicked! :

...(4) Standing in the (5) Path of (6) Sinners... 

   3 More Points of Interest We Have To Conside To Rid Ourselves From That Which Steals Our Happiness

-(4) STANDING = a state of motionlessness, abiding, appointing, attending, confirming, enduring and in time establishing.

-(5) IN THE PATH (wicked's council has birthed a set trail), in effect the way, road, distance, conduct, journey, acts, manner, conduct, practice, course and direction.

-(6) OF THE SINNERS, notice, not one sinner but by implication, adopting the culture, character and status of a crowd of offenders/rebels.

The Possession:“Conforming to the Norm”

*C. Once again, we witness a significant change in position as we continue in relationship and fellowship with sinners, becoming accepting and content in their ways, ultimately being lulled into a position of comfortability and conformity. : 

...(7)Sit in the (8) Seat of (9) Scoffers... 

    3 More Points in interest We Need To Consider From The Psalm

-(7) SIT, by definition, this means remain, dwell, abide, convene, marry, resettle 

-(8) IN THE SEAT -meaning the  assembly, dwelling place, habitation, settlement, situation

-(9) OF THE SCOFFERS - synonymous of mockers , mediators,  and spokesman of Satan.

Standing in front of the mirror of Truth, God's Word, For Scrutiny

*Today, let us examine ourselves, honestly and truthfully, putting the magnifying glass to our personal associations, friendships and partnerships, carefully inspecting our acts of "walking", "standing" and "sitting", putting the lamp of the Word to our own feet and shining the radiance of His light on our respective councils, paths and seats, and if we are found wanting that we will unashamedly cry out like God's servant Job, declaring "How many are my guilty deeds and sins? Make known to me my wrongdoing and my sin.[Job 13V23]".

 Cause Effect - Coming Out From The Wicked is Key To Happiness

After we have come to the place of recognition and repentance, let us then come out from their (wicked, sinners and scoffers) midst and be separate, covenanting to not touch what is unclean [2 Corinthians 6V17]!

  All, or Nothing at All! Lasting Happiness Comes With A Price

If happiness is what we covet and desire, we have to accept that it comes at a cost...that price tag is the sacrifice on the altar of constant, active,  genuine aspiration and a deep desire toward being set-apart (separate and visibly different), submissive (accepting and willingly yielding to a superior force will and authority), pure (freedom from anything that debases, contaminates, pollutes), sanctified (to make holy) and holy (detachment and disassociation from sin). 

 The Prophetic Implication Of truthful examination and accurate Implementation Of The Word For Our Happiness

It is no coincidence that this scripture contains 3 specific scenarios and 9 points highlighting and describing how happiness is nourished and sustained or starts fading and will ultimately be lost and destroyed, if not complying to the scriptures prescriptions.

The numbers 3 is symbolic of resurrection and 9 of fruitfulness, meaning, when we understand, accept and implement the directives revealed, there will be a resurrection of the happiness that the enemy has stolen through deceptions and veils, and as we continue, headstrong pushing forward, maturing in this principle, we will see and experience a harvest of fruitfulness in our happiness, second to none, not only for ourselves, but for our generations and those connected to us! 


 Be Wise and Prioritize and Discern Where You Spend Your Time To Truly Be Blessed and Happy

The author of Psalms is a King, David, yet the first revelation he prioritized to share with the world is not how to protect and maintain riches, power, influence, authority, etc... but happiness! Our alignment toward the Word reveals how much we value our happiness.

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