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Fun Riddles For Kids of All Ages (With Answers)

Fun Riddles For Kids of All Ages (With Answers)

Apostle Quinson Thomas Apostle Quinson Thomas
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Fun Riddles For Kids

Today, we'd like to share some riddles for kids that you can share with your children during game night, fun time, or maybe just before bedtime for a few laughs! 

These are fun riddles and answers that are not to be taken literally as biblical fact. Enjoy!

Riddle: What’s the reason Jonah didn’t trust the ocean?

Answer: He knew there was something fishy about it

Riddle: Noah doesn’t trust what kind of animal?

Answer: A cheetah!

Riddle: What is the funny thing about forbidden fruits?

Answer: They create many jams

Riddle: Where in the Bible is the first mention of a tennis match?

Answer: When Joseph served in Pharaoh’s court

More Fun Bible Riddles for Kids

Riddle: Noah most likely got milk from the cows on the ark. What did he get from the ducks?

Answer: Quackers

Riddle: Before Boaz became married, what kind of guy was he?

Answer: Ruth-less

Riddle: Who was the Bible’s greatest comedian?

Answer: Samson, because he brought the house down!

Riddle: On the day before Christmas, what did Adam say?

Answer: It’s Christmas, Eve!

Riddle: Where did the first baseball game in the Bible happen?

Answer: In the big inning

Riddle: What kind of lighting did Noah use on his ark?

Answer: Flood lights

More Cool Riddles for Kids for Game Night

Riddle: Did Eve ever have a date with Adam?

Answer: No, just an apple

Riddle: How long did Cain despise his brother?

Answer: As long as he was Abel

Riddle: What is a shark’s most favorite bible story?

Answer: Noah’s shark

Riddle: How does Moses make his coffee every morning?

Answer: Hebrews it

Riddle: Who was considered the smartest man in the Bible?

Answer: Abraham, because he knew a Lot

More Exciting Riddles for Kids

Riddle: How come they didn’t play cards on the Ark?

Answer: Because Noah was standing on the deck

Riddle: Where did the Bible’s most talkative people live?

Answer: Babylon (babble on)

Riddle: Which group of sharks do you typically find in heaven?

Answer: Angel sharks

You can watch more riddles here or watch a bible trivia quiz here. 

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