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Online Piano - Free Piano Online For Young Church Musicians (Finally)

The virtual piano is below. It may take 2 seconds for loading.

Watch Apostle Quinson Play The Piano ( Must See Video)

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As a young boy growing up, I loved playing the piano. And to this day, the piano is something that is very dear to my heart. And today we have this online piano. We have this online piano that you can actually play songs with.

I was so excited when I found this virtual piano because you can practice your counting, new tunes, or even choose the notes that you're going to sing when you go to church using this virtual piano. You can also choose the key to the song that you'll play during praise and worship because if you're using chords, you might want to figure them out before you go to church.

I was actually looking around for a virtual piano keyboard that I could put up on the site because I know that even things like tuning a guitar would require you to be able to have something like a virtual keyboard to be able to do that.

You can Go here For Online PIano Classes To learn from Apostle Quinson or one of our teachers at the Alive Christians School of Music.

Benefits of Our Online Piano Keyboard

I put this up for young people; young people who want to learn how to play the piano. Young people who maybe have just started out with a piano teacher or maybe those just becoming familiar with piano chords after taking a few online piano lessons. Regardless of where you are on the spectrum of musicianship, you can use this piano keyboard to:

  • practice some classical music.
  • use it in your teaching if you're a teacher
  • use it during a music lesson to help you stay on pitch
  • practice some notes, and more!

If you're taking traditional piano lessons and your teacher is unavailable dealing with other piano students, and you can't play at the time, you can actually practice some notes in terms of your rhythm and note recognition. You can always practice anytime since everything is online.

Now the Body of Christ is in great need of pianists/keyboardists. I don't know if right now you're a seasoned student or if you're a beginner, but what I do know is that churches need musicians and it's my hope that whether or not you're taking beginner lessons, or an online piano course that this will help you in terms of solidifying your understanding of music theory, piano chords, etc.

You can actually tell your piano teacher that you enjoy playing the piano on Alive Christians.

How The Virtual Piano Works

As you look at this keyboard, please know that each piano key, each white and every black key can be played and should produce a sound when played.

The piano key to the far left of the keyboard is C and to the end, at the far right, we have a B.

To sound a key, just click on it with your mouse, or if you have a touch-screen computer, touch the screen over the note to get started.

My Hope For You With our Online Piano, as A Fellow Pianist

It is my hope, that in all you're getting you will use it for the glory of God and really put it to use to enhance what you do at your church.

I remember as a little boy, growing up, I played the piano and the organ. I would go take my traditional piano lesson, go home, practice and then go to church on Sunday and play the tunes that I had practiced at home. And it was the constant playing Church that helped me to develop greater skill on the piano.

And so I know this isn't a real piano and you can't use this in place of an acoustic piano or real piano in terms of developing your piano skills but this piano app will be a great asset in your toolkit as you grow at your traditional piano lesson, or practice online, to the glory of God, and hopefully one day, I will see you at a church and you will be able to tell me, "I practiced on your online piano on Alive Christians."