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I prepared this page for people just like you who'd like to experience great music on the piano. As a pianist, I've been playing in Churches for over 17 years. It's been a true blessing. And now I'd like to pour back this ministry to you.

So if you're ready, I'd like to get you some of my music, hit on one of the red buttons here on the page to get your free music track and also to receive a free prophetic word from me or a member of the Alive Christians' Ministry Team.

You will love this! May the Lord continue to richly bless you!

As a new believer, I spent hours upon hours in prayer and in praise and worship.

As a pianist, I would sit at the piano and play songs from the hymnbook and sing to the Lord prophetically. It was an awesome time. It was during those times that I felt the presence of God very strongly. I don't know if you've had a similar experience, but praising and worshipping the Lord invites the presence of God where you are.

May you be blessed as you get one of my music tracks for free and a free prophetic word from the Lord. Hit the Red Button Below To Get Started!