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Piano Lessons in Houston for Adults and Children (Free Session)

Piano Lessons in Houston for Adults and Children (Free Session)

Apostle Quinson Thomas Apostle Quinson Thomas
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Piano Lessons Houston, Texas

Do you want piano lessons in Houston, Texas?

Alive Christians Music School is here to help you to reach your form performance goals on the piano. So if you want to be able to play at church or play concerts or just play for yourself, then these piano lessons are what you're looking for.

Each piano teacher at our school is geared towards helping you excel on the instrument and their enthusiasm and experience will help you to play the piano much faster than you would at other institutions. The music education is a cut above the rest, and you will learn music theory and piano performance in your private piano lessons.

These lessons can be done in the privacy of your own home. Imagine that! You can get piano lessons in your home because all of our lessons are online. So no need to travel to downtown Houston or sit in a car for half an hour trying to get to piano class.

Now you can just open up your laptop or iPhone and have your lessons in your home.

We're looking forward to helping you reach your highest potential on the piano.

These music lessons are geared for adults and children. It doesn't matter the age or the skill level for we teach beginners, intermediate, advanced and expert students at the Alive Christians Online Music School.

God bless you and get your free introductory piano lesson to try us out to see how powerful, quickly, and easily you can learn to play the piano.

Online Piano Lessons at your convenience.

What's our difference? 

We teach you the way that you should be taught and that's based on your own strengths and weaknesses. The Founder Quinson Thomas was taught like this in his own time at piano school, and has adopted this methodology for our online school.  This way you get to advance at your own pace. 

How good is that?

It's not to say that you won't get the music theory or the practical skills that everybody else gets. Because, for example, branching out to different musical genres requires that you meet a threshold of music theory and piano performance before you are able to go that direction.

We teach beginners, intermediate, advanced students, and expert students.

We provide piano lessons for adults and children in Houston online.

It doesn't matter the skill level. We can find a teacher for you. Our founder Quinson Thomas has over 15 years' experience teaching the piano. And, he's hired teachers who have a wealth of experience and knowledge in piano pedagogy to help you or your child make big strides on the piano.

Go ahead right now and sign up for your free introductory piano lesson to try out the live private lessons with your piano teacher.

Concert pianist and music instructor

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