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Ministry School- Welcome To The School of The Holy Spirit

Welcome To Our School
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By Apostle Quinson Thomas. Updated on March 12, 2022.

Welcome to the Alive Christians Ministry school or Power University. At The Ministry school, you will learn about how to move in the gifts of the Spirit, how to be led by the Holy Spirit to be a blessing in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. You'll learn how to move by the power of the Holy Spirit will then give you practical ministry tips and ministry experience through our online portal where you can learn how to move in the gifts of the Spirit mentioned in the New Testament to the Lord Jesus Christ, honor and glory.

About The Ministry School

This is not like your typical program. In fact, this is not a degree program. But this is a ministry program that is here to help you to grow in practical ministry, moving in the gifts of the Spirit, being under the power of the Holy Ghost. So if you are called to be among the church planters in the Body or if you'd like to do retreats, visionary retreats or you're called to Christian leadership and you'd like to know how the gifts of the Spirit work, then this is for you.

If you'd like to get ministry training and more ministry experience, then this is for you. We offer this ministry training to the honor of our Risen Lord and King to give you the steps that you need to learn and fully walk in your God-given ministry. If you would like to see your Christian faith at work then we at Alive Christians know that this ministry is, in fact, for you. We will teach you based on God's word. Again the training that you receive will be based on the Word of God- it will not be something that is out there. This is a fantastic opportunity.

You will also learn how to pray because prayer is not only just about saying something to God but about receiving something from God. In fact, receiving from God is more important than what You say. It's from receiving fro God that you get grace and this grace enables you to have faith. And without faith according to Hebrews 11:6 it is impossible to please Him. So it is with faith that you receive by His grace that you're able to please Him. Hence, why we say receiving in prayer is more important than saying something to God.

And this is what ministry is about - pleasing Him.

As one of the students, you're going to learn how to do the things that the New Testament mentions in 1 Corithians12- namely, move in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. When you study the scriptures with us, you will gain practical tips to put what you study into practice. You're going to get all the ministry experience, whether you're in or out of leadership, that the Lord wants you to receive. Join the other students, and let's get you moving in the Spirit, by God's grace.

How You Learn as A Student

This is biblical studies from a practical perspective. We believe that Christian education should be focused on the Lord Jesus Christ and doing what He wants us to do until He returns. So if you're interested in Christian ministry, then this is the Christian education that you've been looking for- a practical one. Our ministry program is not one of the degree programs that you will get at University. So if you're looking for degree programs then this is not for you. But if you're looking for Christian studies in the life of the believer and walking in the power of the Holy Ghost, then this is for you. Our training will help you grow in your Christian faith and see the world impacted by this faith for God's glory. You can learn more by clicking the button below.

This is not a degree program or a University accredited program. This is training in Christian Ministry with Apostle Quinson Thomas and the Alive Christians' Ministry Team.

Who is The Alive Christians Ministry School (Power University) for?

  • People in Christian leadership that want to know how to work with the Spirit of God
  • Worship leaders and Prayer warriors who want to see more fruit in their Christian walk.
  • Every-day Christians who want to exercise their faith in new ways.
  • And every born-again believer.

This is your God-given opportunity to be a greater blessing to your local church and the Body of Christ at large.