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3 Main Types of Evangelism

By Apostle Quinson Thomas.. Updated on January 18, 2022.

From our experience, there are 3 main types of Evangelism. They Are: Wisdom Evangelism, Prophetic Evangelism, and Power Evangelism. These are offshoots of the 3 classes of the gifts of the Spirit which are meant to build up the Church... and building the Church involves winning souls to the Kingdom of God in Jesus' Name. It just so happens that that's the way that God tends to do evangelism.

So in this vain we will be giving you our Alive Christian Evangelism Series on Wisdom Evangelism, Prophetic Evangelism and Power Evangelism.

Wisdom Evangelism

Wisdom Evangelism is what you experience when a good bible teacher breaks down the Word of God for you in such easy-to-understand terms that the Lord is able to minister and speak to you in a powerful way. Knowledge of the word of God in many of its soul-winning facets are a must. End-times prophecy, Salvation by Grace through Faith and Heaven and Hell are some of the themes that must be thoroughly understood and easily shared by the person or persons doing Wisdom Evangelism.

Prophetic Evangelism

Prophetic Evangelism is what happens when a prophetic minister engages with someone by means of Holy Spirit-led revelation. I remember one time another minister and I were out sharing the gospel, doing 1 to 1 ministry with whomever the Lord led us to. And I recall distinctly that there was a young man who was out with his friends that we had stopped to talk to. The Lord gave me a specific word concerning the abuse that his Dad was inflicting on his Mom and it broke him. He opened up and I believe received the Lord that day.

Power Evangelism

Power Evangelism is as its name implies evangelism through demonstrations of the Holy Spirit's Power. This is what we saw in the book of Acts in full display, and it's what we'll see in our day as we yield to the Lord, giving Him our spirit, soul and body!

More to come on these.

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